Monday, November 20, 2006

NK Town Council Meeting

November 20, 2006

First post-election Town Council meeting was about the shortest meeting in recent memory. It took almost as long to recite the Pledge of allegiance as it took to dispatch the agenda items. Way to go!

The interim manager, Cindy Olibri, mentioned in her report that the food bank is really low and in dire need of canned goods and non-perishable items. Sure hope that the shelves are filled soon. Donations are more than welcome.

The new Council will be sworn in next meeting at 7:00 to allow some extra time.

The recommendations for the new audit committee will be presented to the TC the following week, December 11.

During the public comments section a resident spoke of his concern for Quonset's plans for the new Gateway Project. He was very unhappy with the prospect of huge mega-stores as the main features of the project. It sure would change the character of North Kingstown and something on a smaller scale such as the Garden City mall would be more in keeping with the quality of life her in NK. I see much merit in his position. President Miccolis assured him that several councilors shared his view and they would try to maintain the more rural nature of the town.

See you next week.