Saturday, December 30, 2006

Don't hold your breath.

In the Providence Journal today (Sat. Dec. 30, 2006) there was a letter to the editor asking for legislators who can balance a budget without raising taxes ("Assembly spurned governor's cuts").

The day before, (Dec. 29, 2006, "Treasury appointee once filed for bankruptcy"), Katherine Gregg reported on an appointment by the treasurer-elect Fran Caprio, of Donald O. Reilly Jr.

This isn't about whether Mr. Reilly is qualified for the position. He might be a very nice person with excellent qualifications.

It is about a much more serious problem; the attitude and respect of our elected officials toward our money. It's about finding positions in government for friends (and family) instead of finding qualified people to fill necessary positions. In the piece there is a telling remark:

"In this situation," Caprio said, "Don will be someone that will be dealing with day-to-day issues in the office where his background in government and his professional background will be of use to the office and I look forward to working with him."

Asked specifically what Reilly would be doing, Caprio said that has not yet been determined, but "he is going to be working in the financial side of the office"

It's a small thing really, but for me it speaks volumes. A decision has been made, by the State Treasurer no less, to hire someone to do something "that has not yet been determined" but who will be paid with our money, of course.

Responsible budgets? Don't hold your breath.

Maybe it's just me.