Saturday, September 20, 2014

Global warming, real or fake?

There has been so much in the news about global warming and whether it is real or a hoax.  My opinion won't change any minds but I'd like to suggest the following to help us make a sensible and beneficial choice.

The argument swirls around which side is right, the climate deniers or the climate scientists. I suggest that we instead use a different approach: the consequences one side or the other being wrong.

If the believers get their way but are wrong, we will have spent multiple billions of dollars on non-polluting renewable energy sources at the cost of huge financial burdens on current energy suppliers. But we will have a higher quality of air and water and thus will our overall quality of life benefit. Oil imports will plummet reducing or eliminating the influence of mid east oil on our economy and foreign policies.

On the other hand, if the deniers prevail but are wrong, we will have saved billions of dollars, but rising waters will devastate shorelines throughout the world, temperature extremes and severe weather will continue to increase, ocean temperatures will rise, marine and animal life will be significantly affected with major extinctions likely. Agriculture will be severely altered increasing the likelihood of mass starvations worldwide.

Perhaps this simple thought exercise might help some to decide which is the better choice.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Exactly what's the problem?

Here on the beach we have a wonderful facility for our citizens.

To keep things clean we have a sign posted:

This morning I was walking along the beach and came across this lovely sight.

It wasn't dogs. Should we modify the sign?

Monday, March 24, 2014

How are we doing?

In an article about Rep. Gordon Fox's resignation in the Providence Journal, March 24, Rep. Nicholas Mattiello was quoted as saying that his "biggest concern is uniting and unifying the House".  Is that necessarily a worthy goal? In 2013 one party held 93% of the House seats and it's been this way for too many years.

I'm an independent voter and it seems to me that such a dominance of one party over the other makes for a greater chance for poor government not better government, regardless of party.

I'm reminded of Ed Koch, ex Mayor of NYC, who used to ask "How am I doing?"  I too have to ask, "How are we doing"?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Must be hard to be a lawyer.

In the Journal today (March 14, 2014) was an article, "Mother of molested teen urges change  in assault law". It seems there was a "loophole" that allowed her son's attacker to get off because there apparently was no "surprise" when he reached into the boy's shorts and touched his genitals as the boy was taking pictures on the East Bay Bike Path.

The new law might now enable conviction if the state can prove one "engaged in a sexual act against a person's wishes through force or coercion or through surprise for the purpose of sexual gratification".

Please forgive me for being so radical but isn't engaging in sex against a person's wishes enough? The perpetrator has to surprise the victim and be gratified too?  Are we crazy?