Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Without fair treatment from government, little else matters"

Which of the following would you choose?

1. Property taxes bills unrelated to town expenses. Budgets increase, yet about a third of property owners pay LOWER taxes.
2. Onerous tax increases force many long time homeowners to sell.
3. New owners taxed on market value of property are often shocked by tax increases after revaluations.
4. Expensive revaluations add to budget costs.


1. Property tax bills are directly related to budgets.
2. Tax burden increases are fairly and equitably shared by existing owners.
3. New owners taxed as above but become existing owners after purchase.
4. Lowered revaluation costs saves money for towns.

If both methods will produce the same revenue, which would you choose?

The first system is what we do today.

The second is what we propose at RIGHT.

Take your pick.