Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Create Jobs? Really?

In reading a Providence Journal Commentary, "Could Occupiers become next generation of entrepreneurs?", by John Robitaille, Friday, Oct. 21, Mr. Robitaille suggests that government should 'stop treating business owners as "revenue generators" and begin treating them as job creators'. Well, firstly, no companies, large or small, create jobs.  Jobs follow an increased need or want of either a company's products or services.  Jobs aren't widgets to be created.  

Before we can see real change, businesses must stop thinking of themselves as "revenue generators" and start thinking of themselves, first and foremost, as providers of services or products that are of value to the public or other businesses.  I'm afraid some businesses act as if the public exists for their benefit, to provide them with revenue.

As I occasionally had to remind myself and my staff, we must never forget that our patients do us a favor by seeking our help, not the other way around; we exist for their benefit, not they for ours.

Maybe it's just me.