Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"An excuse to do nothing."

I received this letter from a Rhode Island Representative whom I contacted about an issue:

"I understand how hard you have worked on these ideas over the years. I really wish I could offer you some encouragement but the Assembly just isn't ready for it. Sorry to disappoint,"

This was my answer: 

For me the "Assembly" is people, individuals. Unless individuals are ready, of course the "Assembly" won't be ready. I'll keep trying, one at a time.

One of my least favorite phrases is "We as a society", as in "When we as a society demand action on.....something.....then something will get done". 

It's a cop out. Society is people. When people want to do something about litter for example, they'll pick up litter, individually, when they see it. Waiting for "society" means I don't have to do anything until everyone does it. And the results are everywhere around us. Just an excuse to do nothing.

So far I have had no response.

Maybe it's just me.