Friday, January 6, 2006

An American Taliban

The latest comment by Pat Robertson is beyond belief. His attitude is precisely the same as the narrow minded Neanderthal thinking of the fundamentalist Taliban. Only the name of their 'god' is different. Below is a copy of an email I sent to channel 12 which broadcasts the 700 Club every morning:

I have always questioned your decision to broadcast a show with a religious agenda such as the 700 Club. This last outrage from Mr. Robertson is the last straw.

I know that it will not mean much to you but it means something to me. I shall not watch Channel 12 again as long as this bigoted program is broadcast by your station.

I'm only one person but one has to do what one feels is right.

Society = One person at a time.

Harvey Waxman


Aged Curmudgeon said...

700 CLUB - The Rev. Pat Robertson presents news and inspiration.

Shame on WRPI Channel 12 for broadcasting the views of this verbal terrorist!

The so-called Reverend Pat Robertson disgraces the Christian religion and philosophy by his ranting. More broadly, he disgraces common decency and respect of all humanity. You are broadcasting a show that you (and he) bill as “news.” I’m not sure what revenue or profit you gain from his broadcast, but it is shameful that you would gain from diatribes of the sort he espouses as “news.”

The honorable, moral, and decent thing for WPRI to do is to cancel his show! You will certainly not hold my viewership, nor respect until you do. Nor will I be quiet to my friends and associates about WPRI’s implied endorsement of such hate mongering! Get rid of him!


Wickford, RI

Kmareka said...


I'm intrigued to know what exactly Reverend Robertson had to say that was "hatemongering" and "bigoted". I might want to add my own protesting email, but I do not watch the 700 Club. Can you elaborate as to what he said?