Monday, June 8, 2009

Tell Them We're Mad

The editorial in the Journal on Monday, June 8, illuminated a puzzle; why do we keep sending poor legislators back year after year?  One observation was that many  candidates run unopposed.  When voters are faced with such an option there is no way to express dissatisfaction other than to leave the candidate's name unchecked.

I'd recommend another option.  I'd like to see an option to vote against an unopposed candidate; a check box or arrow that indicates a NO vote.  It would be much more meaningful if the votes for an unopposed candidate elected with 2,400 votes looked like this instead:

YES     2,400

NO       4,400

We the people should have the opportunity to vote our dissatisfaction during an election other than by silence for an unopposed candidate. The candidate would still get elected but at least will know that people are mad.

Maybe it's just me.


Anonymous said...

When voters are asked if they like their representative the answer is positive by a large margin but when asked about the legislature as a whole, the answer is negative by a huge margin. My fool is OK, the other fools are the problem.

Rich Brouillet

Harvey said...

That does bring up another issue.

Ultimately Pogo was right.