Saturday, April 3, 2010

Property Tax POLL

I'd like to poll the sentiment of property owners and others regarding property values and fair tax bills. Perhaps ask some friends to read this too.
  1. Assume your town has managed to freeze the tax levy indefinitely.
  2. Assume your tax assessment is accurate.
The next year, after revaluation, your tax bill increased by 62%.

Question: Do you feel your higher tax bill is proper and fair? yes no

You can email your answer or just post a comment.



Anonymous said...

It seems unfair but how can we fix it?

Harvey said...

We fix it by recognizing that revaluations are basically unfair for existing property owners while at the same time, essential for fair taxes for new owners.

As long as we insist on treating all owner as if they just bought their homes at market prices we will never rectify this injustice.

See the RIGHTTAX website.